IWE1 Seminar


Seminarplan Summer Semester 2023

Presenter Title Details* Host

Priyanka Thawany M.Sc., IWE1

Ratan Kumar Chaudhary M.Sc., IWE1

"L-Cysteine/MoS2 Modified Robust Surface Plasmon Resonance Optical Fiber Sensor for Sensing of Ferritin and IgG"

"U-bent polymeric optical fiber based biosensor for clinical diagnosis"

Fr. 14.04.23

14:00 Uhr

Dr. Vivek Pachauri

Yuan Cao M.Sc., IWE1

"Microfluidic aspiration-assisted electrical impedance spectroscopy system for the characterization of single oocyte"

Fr. 21.04.23

14:00 Uhr

Prof. Uwe Schnakenberg

Andrea Kauth M.Sc., IWE1

Roman Opgenorth M.Sc., IWE1

"Development and application of advanced microscale cell-electrode interfaces"

"Fabrication of a multi interface MEA for in-vitro testing"

Fr. 28.04.23

14:00 Uhr

Prof. Sven Ingebrandt

Eashika Ghosh M.Sc., IWE1

Heping Cui M.Sc., IWE1

"Flexible epiretinal implant with high stimulation electrode count and integrated electronics"

"Tellurium and its heterostructure-based transistors for biosensor application"

Fr. 05.05.23

14:00 Uhr

Prof. Sven Ingebrandt

Aidin Nikookhesal M.Sc., IWE1

Jan Wagner M.Sc., IWE1

"Chemistry-oriented engineering of 2D interfaces based on graphene for electronics and biomedical applications"

"Digital microfluidic platform for the investigation of catalytic microgel reactions"

Fr. 12.05.23

14:00 Uhr

Dr. Vivek Pachauri

Dr. Rinku Gandhi

National Institute of Animal Biotechnology, India

"Nanomaterials: Wonders in Diagnostics"

Fri. 19.05.23

14:00 Uhr

Dr. Vivek Pachauri

Prof. Jonathan Rivnay, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA

"Polymer mixed conductors for applications in bioelectronics"

Fr. 26.05.23

14:00 Uhr

Prof. Sven Ingebrandt

Felix Jiang M.Sc., IWE1

Chunling Li M.Sc., IWE1

"Microscale devices for thermal and thermoelectric property measurements of thin films"

"Nanomaterial-enabled organic electrochemical transistors for sweat monitoring"

Fr. 02.06.23

14:00 Uhr

Dr. Xuan-Thang Vu

Prof. Dr. Yogendra Kumar Mishra

MSO, Mads Clausen Institute, NanoSYD, Smart Materials Laboratory, University of Southern Denmark
"Tetrapods-based Smart Materials for Advanced Technologies"

Fr. 16.06.23

14:00 Uhr

Dr. Vivek Pachauri

Fatemeh Yousefi; Lina Koschinski; Marie Jung; Saishreyas Iyer; Colin Fernandes; Anastasia Gerzhik; Qinyu Hu

External PhD student's day

Do. 22.06.23

14:00 Uhr

Prof. Sven Ingebrandt

Huijie Jiang M.Sc., IWE1

Hesam Amiri M.Sc., IWE1

"Novel vdW Interfaces with 2D MOFs: Device Integration and Sensor Applications "

"3D-Architectured Bio-Nano-Interfaces Based on Metal-Organic Frameworks"

Fr. 23.06.23

14:00 Uhr

Dr. Vivek Pachauri

Dr. Divagar Murugan

Dibyendu Khan M.Sc., IWE1

"Approaches to study multiplexed bio-molecular interactions"

"Biosensing based on 2D materials and metasurfaces"

Fr. 30.06.23

14:00 Uhr

Dr. Vivek Pachauri

Animesh Pratap Singh M.Sc., IWE1

Hocine Bahri M.Sc., IWE1

"Two dimensional Biological field effect transistors (BioFETS) based platform for advanced applications"

"Plasmonics on Chip: Design of plasmonics nanostructures and large area nanofabrication for biochemical and environmental application"

Fr. 07.07.23

14:00 Uhr

Dr. Vivek Pachauri

EnFI 2023

Fr. 14.07.23

14:00 Uhr

*Unless otherwise described, the seminar takes place in the S1 seminar room of Walter-Schottky-Haus.