Archive 2019

Joint Event with Chongqing University, China
Together with the two guests from Chongquing University in China, Professor Xiong Du and Professor Jian Li, the IWE1 organized a mini joint seminar for students.

Research Stay at TITech, Tokyo
As head of IWE1, Professor Sven Ingebrand stayed for a another research stay at TITech in Tokyo, Japan. At the same time, Dr. Vivek Pachauri visits the research group of Professor Masahiko Hara. Afterwards, he participated in the 'nano tech' conference 2019 in Tokyo. Intensive discussions were held on further cooperation between the two research institutions and plans for joint project proposals were drawn up.

Publication for 'Biosensors and Bioelectronics'
Professor Sven Ingebrandt, Dr. Vivek Pachauri, and Xiaoling Lu published the article "Reduced graphene oxide biosensor platform for the detection of NT-proBNP biomarkers in its clinical range" in the renowned journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics as co-authors. The results discussed in the publication were achieved in the context of the SensUs 2017 student competition funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Health. Walid Munief, participating author, summarized the results from Zweibrücken. Colleagues from Saarland University, Saarbrücken, were also involved in the publication. Furthermore, the research results were presented at the Biosensors 2018 Congress in Miami and were also published in the special edition of the journal.

Publication for Biosensors and Bioelectronics about Photothermal Effects
Professor Sven Ingebrandt, Dr. Vivek Pachauri, and Xiaoling Lu have co-authored the publication "Photothermal effects induced by surface resonance at graphene/gold nanointerfaces: A multiscale modeling study" in the renowned journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics. Contributing author is Professor Xianping Chen from Chongqing University, China. The work is based on a cooperation between Professor Chen and Professor Ingebrandt.

  University President Ulrich Rüdiger with Professor Wilfried Mokwa Copyright: © Intern
IWE1 as Host for the BMBF Opening Event
The IWE1 was the official organizer of the opening event of the funding initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) 'Research Laboratories Microelectronics Germany' (orig. Forschungslabore Mikroelektronik Deutschland). Professor Wilfried Mokwa coordinated the contract part of the RWTH Aachen University with a funding share of 9.3 million Euros, in which a total of ten professorships of the RWTH Aachen University are involved - another great success at the end of his active academic career as professor and dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The ForLab investment project, which mainly benefits the Central Laboratory for Technology on the Melaten campus, is coordinated under the leadership of IWE1.

Surprise Seminar at Research Center Jülich
Surprise seminar on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Offenhäusser at the Research Center Jülich. Prof. Ingebrandt presents a lecture "Almost 30 years of neurons on transistors - a very personal review" on the joint research period.

  Xiaoling Lu Copyright: © IWE1
Dissertation Xiaoling Lu
Xiaoling Lu successfully defends her dissertation "Reduced Graphene Oxide Biosensors for Prostate Cancer Biomarker Detection" in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics, Geography at the Justus-Liebig University of Giessen. The first reviewer for this collaborative dissertation was Prof. Martin Eickhoff. Congratulations to Dr. Lu!

Specialist Lecture from Professor Sven Ingebrandt at Loughborough University
Viva by Ana Rodrigues-Rebelo at Loughborough University, U.K. In addition, Professor Sven Ingebrandt gives a specialist lecture during the afternoon seminar at Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering of Loughborough University.

Status Meeting for BMBF Projekt SINDynamik
Status meeting in the BMBF project SINDynamik in Aachen. The current state of the cooperation project was discussed.

  University President Ulrich Rüdiger at the Institute's Central Laboratory Copyright: © IWE1
University President at the Institute's Central Laboratory
RWTH Rector Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. hc mult. Ulrich Rüdiger visits the Central Laboratory for Micro- and Nanotechnology (ZMNT) and is informed about the current infrastructure and future plans.

Status Meeting for the DFG Project MolPro2Biosens
Status meeting in the DFG Project MolPro2Biosens at our project partner at the Université de Lille, France.

Professor Sven Ingebrandt at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Professor Sven Ingebrandt visits the National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with Professor Tobias Gemmeke and Dr. Martin Dahm. He presents a lecture at a joint seminar and discusses possible collaborations with colleagues at the NCTU.

Doctoral Candidate Meguya Ryu at IWE1
PhD student Meguya Ryu from TITech Tokyo, Japan, visits IWE 1 as part of the research cooperation between RWTH and TITech.

  Delegation of TITech Tokyo in RWTH Aachen's Super C Copyright: © IWE1
Joint Workshop with TITech Tokyo at RWTH Aachen
IWE1 organizes a joint workshop between RWTH Aachen University and TITech Tokyo in the seminar rooms of the RWTH Aachen University.

Opening Day of TITech Tokyo's Annex Office at RWTH Aachen
Official opening day of the annex office of TITech Tokyo at RWTH Aachen University. This permanent office is intended to sustainably strenghten the cooperation between the two universities.

Participation at NIL Workshop 2018
Professor Sven Ingebrandt and Professor Uwe Schnakenberg as well as Dr. Xuan-Thang Vu and Marcel Tintelott participate in the NIL Workshop 2018, organized by the AMO GmbH in the seminar rooms of RWTH Aachen University's Super C building.

Publication "Reduced graphene-oxide transducers for biosensin applications beyond the Debye screening limit"
IWE 1 publishes a paper "Reduced graphene-oxide transducers for biosensin applications beyond the Debye screening limit" in the renowned journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics. The results were obtained in the framework of the EU-ITN project PROSENSE. Dr. Xiaoling Lu summarizes her findings from Zweibrücken as well as from a research stay at the University of Bath, U.K. together. Corresponding author is Professor Sven Ingebrandt and Dr. Vivek Pachauri is another co-author. The results were shown at Biosensors 2018 in Miami and are now published in the journal's special issue.

Research Stay of Zhongkai Zhang at IWE 1
Zhongkai Zhang begins his one-year research stay at IWE 1 in connection with his PhD thesis. He comes to us with a Chinese CSC Research Grant. Lots of success Zhongkai!

Dr. Akash Deep as Visiting Professor at IWE1
Dr. Akash Deep from CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organization, Chandigarh, India, is joining the IWE 1 as visiting professor for four months. He comes to us via an Indian Raman scholarship and will be intensively involved in joint projects and project applications. Welcome to Aachen!

Milad Hesar at the Cardiac Modeling Workshop
Milad Hesar participates in the workshop on Cardiac Modeling in Bad Herrenalb, organized by KIT Karlsruhe.

Publication "Toward a Bidirectional Communication Between Retinal Cells and a Prosthetic Devicec - A Proof of Concept"
Professor Wilfried Mokwa and Stefan Lück are co-authors of a publication "Toward a Bidirectional Communication Between Retinal Cells and a Prosthetic Devicec - A Proof of Concept" in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience. Corresponding Author is Professor Andreas Offenhäusser. The work goes back to a JARA collaboration with the Forschungszentrum Jülich, institute of Professor Andreas Offenhäusser, and the University Hospital of the RWTH Aachen, Professor Peter Walter.

AixSense Team at Student Competition SensUs
The team AIXSense of the international student competition SensUs 2018 visits AMO GmbH at Campus Melaten of RWTH Aachen University. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Max Christian Lemme, CEO of AMO GmbH, extended AMO’s full support to enable AixSense’s success in Eindhoven and stated that this conformed with AMO’s mission as to foster research and innovation in the gap between university research and industrial applications.

  Two Teams of IWE1 at the University's Campus Relay Copyright: © IWE1
IWE1 at the University's Campus Relay
IWE1 participates with two teams at the RWTH campus relay on Campus Melaten.

New Laboratory Employee Insa Sangs
Insa Sangs is recruited to a position as special laboratory delegate 'Bioelectronics' following her successful Master's thesis at IWE 1. Welcome Insa!

  António Guterres with Professor Rüdiger and Professor Ohm Copyright: © Faculty 6
António Guterres at RWTH Aachen University

UN Secretary General António Guterres was awarded the 2019 Charlemagne Prize for his work in the context of European policy, and on this occasion he gave a detailed speech to students of RWTH Aachen University and answered questions on the future of Europe.

Few people know, however, that the UN Secretary-General is a graduate engineer in electrical engineering. He graduated as such from the Technical University of Lisbon in 1971. On this occasion, António Guterres received a personal gift which was handed over by the Rector of RWTH Aachen University, Professor Ulrich Rüdiger, and the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Professor Jens-Rainer Ohm. The employees of the IWE1 produced a silicon wafer with a personal congratulatory signature and the image of the bust of Charlemagne in the clean room area of the Central Laboratory for Micro- and Nanotechnology.

We would like to congratulate António Guterres for his great achievements.

  Group Photo of the Institute's Members in front of Walter Schottky House Copyright: © IWE1
Annual Institute Summer BBQ
As every year, the traditional summer BBQ of IWE1 took place in front of the Walter-Schottky House.

Danyl Azarkh begins PhD at IWE1
Danyl Azarkh starts his doctoral studies at IWE 1. He works as a doctoral student in the DFG-funded graduate school 'Mechanobiology in Epithelial 3D Tissue Constructs' ME3T. Good luck Danyl!

Participationg at Engineering Functional Interfaces in Leuven, Belgium
The IWE1 participates with eleven persons in the Engineering Functional Interfaces EnFI 2019 in Leuven, Belgium. Eight poster contributions are presented.

  Mixed Football Team of IWE1 at the Faculty's Football Tournament Copyright: © IWE1
IWE1 at the Faculty's Football Tournament
IWE 1 participates with a mixed football team in the annual Faculty Football Tournament.

Roland Fischer Successfully Defends his PhD Thesis
Roland Fischer successfully defends his doctoral thesis "Development and Characterization of flexible and strechable Substrates with integrated Sensors" at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at RWTH Aachen University. He also receives an EXIST start-up scholarship together with his co-founder and will continue to collaborate with IWE 1 in future. Congratulations and much success for your projects Dr.-Ing. Fischer!