Organizational chart of IWE 1


The IWE 1 is organized in four research groups. They are corrdinated by one group leader each.

  • AG Pachauri - Nanomaterials and bio-nano interfaces
  • AG Vu - Micro- and nanoelectronic sensors
  • AG Schnakenberg - Microfluidics and Lab on a Chip
  • AG Ingebrandt - Micro-nanosystems and bioelectronics

The research topics between the groups may partly overlap. I could be the case, that certain topics are elaborated between groups.

The research groups are supported by the secretariat and by two infrastructural groups in the electronic laboratory and in the clean room of IWE 1.

  • Secretariat - Head D. Marcantonio
  • Electronic laboratory - Head H. Pütz
  • Clean room - Head J. Heiss