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Project ForLab 2D-ForME

BMBF - Promotion from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research

Research Focus 2D-materials for new micro- and nanoelectronic devices


Project Description

The Research Laboratories for Microelectronics (ForLab) at universities around Germany are intended to expand the field of microelectronics and uncover novel directions for the microelectronic systems of the future. The ForLab 2D For ME research Lab is investigating 2D-Materials consisting of individual layers of stable crystals that can be stacked on top of each other. Aside from Sillicuim, which dominated the Semiconductror Area until now, researchers are looking into creating 2D Materials that could bring new functionalities especially in nanoelectronic and optoelectronic components as well as in physical and chemical sensors.

Seven Technology-oriented Chairs from RWTH are involved and six more from chemistry and physics will also make use of the new possibilities. As such, the ForLab 2D-ForME contributes to maintaining Aachen’s strong international position as a research center for 2D Microelectronics.