Project BioNanoLock
Project Lead Dr. Vivek Pachauri
Funding DFG "Schwerpunktprogramm"
  BioNanoLock Outline Copyright: © IWE1


The new age processor is going to require hardware-oriented solutions as a primary design criterion for the security against threats. Alternative computational architectures proposed in recent years drive this idea by the inclusion of multi-value logic operations. The realization of multi-value logic gates and testing the advantages of polymorphic inputs and outputs of a circuit, however, remains elusive due to the technology gap. In this proposal, we put forward a new logic-locking framework that will allow us incorporating multi-value and multi-layer logic with existing CMOS based logic-locking architectures. An encoded DNA sequence acts as a secret ‘biological activation-key’ which is molecularly recognized at a unique and secret pattern of key-gates called biological key-gates and activates them. This, in turn, enables the CMOS based key-gates in logic-locked circuit with the appropriate key value. Different voltage-levels in the multi-valued logic define “on” or “off” state of the key-gates adding another level of ambiguity for an attacker and making it impossible for the attacker to unlock the circuit. Enabling future-generation processors with BioNanoLock is the prime target of the project with small (10-100 logic gates) to medium-sized (100-10000 logic gates) circuits as an intermediate goal. We also envision developing heterogeneous integrated systems for secure information processing in the long-term.



Vivek Pachauri

Research Group Leader


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