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General Questions about the Competition

When is the competition and how long does it last?

The time frame for the competition is approximately January to September each year. At the beginning of the year, the new team is assembled and the familiarisation phase begins. The main and final event is in September.

Who is hosting the competition?

The competition is hosted by the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Here, each year's main event takes place with up to 15 teams from all over the world.

Funded by the European Union, EIT Health as a network of best-in-class innovators supports the contest.

What is there to win?

The teams can win a total of four independent awards for "Analytical Performance", "Creativity", "Translation Potential" and "Public Inspiration". Beyond that, there is no monetary compensation for the awards.

How many teams compete?

In 2021, 14 teams from all over the world participated.

What exactly does "international" competition mean?

In 2021, the teams came from Denmark, Egypt, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, China, Sweden, the USA, Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada, and Spain.


Study-specific questions about the competition

Do I receive credit points for participation?

Yes! For students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology there is the possibility to have the participation credited with 8CP in the area of laboratory, project or seminar.

For participants from other areas, this is an extracurricular competition. Thus, participation in the competition is a supplement to the studies at RWTH Aachen University.

What expert knowledge do I need to participate?

The holistic competition poses challenges to a wide range of disciplines. Thus, the team offers positions ranging from electrical engineering and bio(chemical) tasks in the field of biosensors to marketing and communication aspects in the humanities.

Participation in the competition includes kick-off training in laboratory and cleanroom work as well as introductions to independent work in these areas. Thus, different levels of knowledge can be taken into account.

In addition, the SensUs community offers training on marketing aspects as part of the competition.