Fluidic particle transport at interfaces through actuated micro-hairs with switchable nano structure

Picture paticle transport by flaps Copyright: © IWE 1

This research project focuses on the production of micro structured foils with arrays of microscopic flaps.

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Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy of Single Cells

Sketch of the microfluidic, hydrodynamic cell-trap Copyright: © IWE 1

A new design of a microfluidic device combining hydrodynamic trapping and impedance spectroscopy measurements of single cells

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Mechanobiological control of cell functions and cell differentiation (MechCell)

Pneumatic Stretching Chamber Copyright: © IWE 1

The interdisciplinary project MechCell is scheduled to investigate mechanical influences on biological cell cultures and single cells.

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Dry-film Photoresist Processing

Photo of cross-section of six laminated thin-film layers Copyright: © IWE 1

SU-8 is today one of the key technologies for developing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and especially for microfluidic systems. However, they have significant drawbacks in the fabrication of multilayered structures. To overcome these drawbacks, dry film photoresists (DFR) are favorably be used. The IWE 1 developed a lamination process for a dry film photoresist.

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Microbioreactors with microfluidic control

Microbioreactor made of PMMA Copyright: © IWE 1

Development of microbioreactors with integrated microfluidic devices that allow active control of pH and feeding with nutrient solutions.

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Microfluidic Biosensors for in-vitro diagnostic of tumour markers

Sketch of an SAW based biosensor Copyright: © IWE 1

Development of a microfluidic biosensor for the in-vitro diagnosis of tumour markers.

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Spiral microfluidic channel for particle focusing and sorting

Spiral Microfluidic channel Copyright: © IWE 1

Separation of particles in spiral microfluidic channels by hydrodynamic forces.

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