News in IWE 1


Here, you will find an overview of the latest news of the IWE1.

Which members of the institute complete their studies or PhD? Which research articles do institute members publish? What happens in the context of international academic cooperation?

Date Title
15/09/2023IBCA 2023: Interesting insights and lively exchange
14/09/2023AixSense: Successful participation at SensUs 2023
31/07/2023ICBA 2023 in Aachen: Registration Deadline extended
05/06/2023IWE1 represented at the Wold Congress on Biosensors 2023
21/10/2022Felix in Tokyo
10/10/2022Participation in "4th World Congress on Electroporation"
28/09/2022Participation in BMT 2022
02/09/2022SensUs Event 2022
01/09/2022First publication Danyil Azarkh M.Sc.
23/08/2022This year's institute excursion
15/07/2022Beginning of the research stay of Kadriye Ölmez
09/07/2022Participation in the MEA Meeting 2022
06/07/2022Participation in the GRAPHENE Conference
05/07/2022Participation in the ENFI conference
23/06/2022the annual barbecue
15/06/2022Felix Jiang starts his exchange research stay in tokyo
01/06/2022Start of the research stay of Chimsu Homma
29/04/2022Participation in campus run 2022
01/04/2022Start of Divagar Murugan
28/03/2022Danyil Azarkh participates in the N4M conference
15/03/2022Jan Wagner beginns his Doctoral Studies at IWE1
01/03/2022Aidin Nikookhesal starts his Doctoral Studies at IWE1
01/03/2022Stefan Leisten Begins his Doctoral Research at IWE1
01/03/2022Dibyendu Khan begins his Doctoral Research at IWE1
15/11/2021Participation at the AMO workshop for 2D Materials
12/11/2021Interview with Professor Sven Ingebrandt
12/11/2021Dr. Tom Kremers receives STAWAG Dissertation Award
10/11/2021Participation at NESSY fall school on nano-electronics for secure systems
08/11/2021Second Place at COSIMA Competition
08/11/2021Participation at MikroSystemTechnik Kongress
05/10/2021Participation at BMT 2021
16/09/2021Institute Excursion 2021
01/09/2021Welcome Animesh Singh
01/09/2021Renaming of Dr. Vivek Pachauri's Research Group
06/07/2021International Workshop "Smart Wearables for Biomedical Applications"
01/07/2021Joint Workshop "Origami Science and Engineering"
01/07/2021IWE1 BBQ 2021
20/05/2021PhD Talk Tom Kremers
06/05/2021Campus Run Digital
30/04/2021Publication "Multi-valued Logic and its Prospects in Mainstream Computing"
23/03/2021Publication "Innovative retinal interfaces for optimized artificial vision – a new DFG funded Research Training Group"
09/03/2021European Biosensor Symposium 2021
02/03/2021Publication "PEDOT:PSS organic electrochemical transistors for electrical cell-substrate impedance sensing down to single cells"
01/03/2021Eashika Ghosh begins her PhD at IWE1
17/02/2021Publication "Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Biosensor Enabling Kinetic Monitoring of Fucosyltransferase Activity"
13/02/2021Publication "Stretchable electrical cell-substrate impedance sensor platform for monitoring cell monolayers under strain"
01/02/2021Heping Cui begins her PhD research at IWE1
01/01/2021Huijie Jiang begins his PhD research at IWE1
01/01/2021Publication "Comprehensive Understanding of Silicon-Nanowire Field-Effect Transistor Impedimetric Readout for Biomolecular Sensing"
01/01/2021Publication "Contactless, Battery-free, and Stretchable Wearable for Continuous Recording of Seismocardiograms"
01/08/2019Roland Fischer successfully defends his PhD Thesis
12/07/2019IWE1 at the Faculty's Football Tournament
08/07/2019Participation at Engineering Functional Interfaces in Leuven
01/07/2019Danyl Azarkh begins PhD at IWE1
27/06/2019Annual Institute Summer BBQ
29/05/2019António Guterres at RWTH Aachen
15/05/2019New Laboratory Employee Insa Sangs
10/05/2019IWE1 at the University's Campus Relay
02/05/2019AixSense at Student Competition SensUs
30/04/2019Publication "Toward a Bidirectional Communication Between Retinal Cells and a Prosthetic Device - A Proof of Concept"
15/04/2019Milad Hesar at Cardiac Modeling Workshop
01/04/2019Visiting Professor Dr. Akash Deep at IWE1
01/04/2019Research Stay of Zhongkai Zhang IWE1
01/04/2019Publication "Photothermal effects induced by surface resonance at graphene/gold nanointerfaces: A multiscale modeling study"
28/03/2019Participation at NIL Workshop 2018
22/03/2019Opening Day of TITech Tokyo's Annex Office at RWTH Aachen
21/03/2019Joint Workshop with TITech Tokyo at RWTH Aachen
20/03/2019Doctoral Candidate Meguya Ryu
11/03/2019Professor Sven Ingebrandt at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
07/03/2019Status Meeting MolPro2Biosens
06/03/2019University President visits the Institute's Central Laboratory
27/02/2019Status Meeting for BMBF SINDynamik Project
18/02/2019Specialist Lecture from Professor Sven Ingebrandt at Loughborough University
13/02/2019Dissertation Xiaoling Lu
08/02/2019Surprise Seminar on the Occasion of Prof. Dr. Andreas Offenhäusser's 60th Birthday
05/02/2019IWE1 as official host for the welcoming event of BMBF
01/02/2019Publication "Reduced graphene oxide biosensor platform for the detection of NT-proBNP biomarker in its clinical range"
01/02/2019Publication "Photothermal effects induced by surface resonance at graphene/gold nanointerfaces: A multiscale modeling study"
16/01/2019Research Stay of Professor Sven Ingebrandt at TITech, Tokyo
11/01/2019Mini Joint-Seminar with Chongqing University
26/09/2018Publication "Comparative cell biological study of in vitro antitumor and antimetastatic activity on melanoma cells of GnRH-III-containing conjugates modified with short-chain fatty acids"
24/09/2018Institute Excursion Day in Krefeld
17/09/2018Expert Talk at "10th Sino-German Joint Symposium on Opto- and Microelectronic Devices and Circuits"
17/09/2018Milad Eyvazi Hesar Begins his Doctoral Thesis at IWE 1
07/09/2018Official Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the New Facilities of the Institute
06/09/2018The AixSense Team at the SensUs Student Challenge
08/08/2018Professor Sven Ingebrandt Becomes Visiting Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
07/08/2018Publication "Silane Deposition via Gas-Phase Evaporation and High-Resolution Surface Characterization of the Ultrathin Siloxane Coatings"
01/08/2018Publication "Top-Down Fabricated Silicon Nanowire Arrays for Field-Effect Detection of Prostate-Specific Antigen"
17/07/2018Dr. Xuan Thang Vu as New Group Leader at IWE 1
12/07/2018Kick-off Meeting of BMBF Project "SINDynamik"
06/07/2018IWE 1 at the Annual Football Tournament
02/07/2018Participation at "11th International Workshop on Engineering of Functional Interfaces"
02/07/2018Fabian Brings as New Assistant at IWE 1
28/06/2018Annually Institute Summer BBQ
27/06/2018Publication "Wafer-Scale Nanoimprint Lithography Process Towards Compementary Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors for Biosensor Applications"
26/06/2018Status Seminar of IWE 1
12/06/2018Presence at the Biosensors 2018 Congress in Miami, USA
06/06/2018Invited Talk "Transparent Organic Transistors for ECIS with Single Cell Resolution"
01/06/2018Start of the BMBF Project SINDynamik
15/05/2018Kick-off Meeting of DFG Project "Molecular Programs for Neurodegenerative diseases markers Biosensing"
05/05/2018Dr. Satish Kumar Tuteja as Postdoc-Fellow at IWE1
25/04/2018Publication "A Novel Modular Device for Biological Impedance Measurements: The Differential Impedimetric Sensor Cell"
18/04/2018Das IWE1 beim Campuslauf der Universität 2018
17/04/2018Miriam Schwartz Successfully Defends her PhD Thesis
15/04/2018Publication "ScFv-modified graphene-coated IDE-arrays for 'label-free' screening of cardiovascular disease biomarkers in physiological saline"
10/04/2018Publication "Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Biosensors"
30/03/2018Publication "Intriguing electronic insensitivity and high carrier mobility in monolayer hexagonal YN"
26/03/2018Dr. Vivek Pachauri as New Group Leader at IWE1
07/03/2018Publication "Scalable fabrication and application of nanoscale IDE-arrays as multi-eletrode platform for label-free biosensing"
06/02/2018Publication "Transistor-Based Impedimentric Monitoring of Single Cells"
29/01/2018Publication "Fron-End-of-Line Integration of Graphene Oxide for Graphene-Based Electrical Platforms"
29/01/2018Dipti Rani Successfully Defends her PhD Thesis
Conference in Aachen