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Online Joint Student Workshop

Since 2007, RWTH Aachen University has maintained a close partnership with the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TITech), Japan, through student exchanges and research cooperation. The partnership between RWTH Aachen University and TITech is of great importance and is also designed for close cooperation in the future.

In 2021, the cooperation with TITech will be continued with a joint event, which will be an online event due to the current circumstances. RWTH Aachen University will again be represented by Prof. Dr. Sven Ingebrandt. Prof. Dr. Masahiko Hara will represent TITech. Based on the conviction that future-oriented research is significantly promoted by international exchange, we are offering students from both universities the opportunity to present their individual ideas from the field of micro- and nanotechnology on the topic in the context of the event.

Research in micro- and nanoelectronics represents the key and basic technology for innovations in almost all areas of life. Here, the scientific and economic importance is growing at a rapid pace - and this on an international level. Thus, there is an enormously broad field of application for technologies from this area as well as a very high potential for innovative research, which we would like to promote through active exchange with our teaching and research partners at TITech.

The event will also include presentations by Dr. Daisuke Ishikawa of TITech and Prof. Martin Trautz of the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen University. Science artist Heather Barnett from University of the Arts London will act as advisor.

The digital event comprises two workshop days, which are at the beginning and end of a one-week development phase of students' project ideas. After the first workshop day, students have one week to develop their own project ideas and present them in the follow-up event.