News 2018

Date Title
26/09/2018Publication "Comparative cell biological study of in vitro antitumor and antimetastatic activity on melanoma cells of GnRH-III-containing conjugates modified with short-chain fatty acids"
24/09/2018Institute Excursion Day in Krefeld
17/09/2018Expert Talk at "10th Sino-German Joint Symposium on Opto- and Microelectronic Devices and Circuits"
17/09/2018Milad Eyvazi Hesar Begins his Doctoral Thesis at IWE 1
07/09/2018Official Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the New Facilities of the Institute
06/09/2018The AixSense Team at the SensUs Student Challenge
08/08/2018Professor Sven Ingebrandt Becomes Visiting Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
07/08/2018Publication "Silane Deposition via Gas-Phase Evaporation and High-Resolution Surface Characterization of the Ultrathin Siloxane Coatings"
01/08/2018Publication "Top-Down Fabricated Silicon Nanowire Arrays for Field-Effect Detection of Prostate-Specific Antigen"
17/07/2018Dr. Xuan Thang Vu as New Group Leader at IWE 1
12/07/2018Kick-off Meeting of BMBF Project "SINDynamik"
06/07/2018IWE 1 at the Annual Football Tournament
02/07/2018Participation at "11th International Workshop on Engineering of Functional Interfaces"
02/07/2018Fabian Brings as New Assistant at IWE 1
28/06/2018Annually Institute Summer BBQ
27/06/2018Publication "Wafer-Scale Nanoimprint Lithography Process Towards Compementary Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors for Biosensor Applications"
26/06/2018Status Seminar of IWE 1
12/06/2018Presence at the Biosensors 2018 Congress in Miami, USA
06/06/2018Invited Talk "Transparent Organic Transistors for ECIS with Single Cell Resolution"
01/06/2018Start of the BMBF Project SINDynamik
15/05/2018Kick-off Meeting of DFG Project "Molecular Programs for Neurodegenerative diseases markers Biosensing"
05/05/2018Dr. Satish Kumar Tuteja as Postdoc-Fellow at IWE1
25/04/2018Publication "A Novel Modular Device for Biological Impedance Measurements: The Differential Impedimetric Sensor Cell"
18/04/2018Das IWE1 beim Campuslauf der Universität 2018
17/04/2018Miriam Schwartz Successfully Defends her PhD Thesis
15/04/2018Publication "ScFv-modified graphene-coated IDE-arrays for 'label-free' screening of cardiovascular disease biomarkers in physiological saline"
10/04/2018Publication "Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Biosensors"
30/03/2018Publication "Intriguing electronic insensitivity and high carrier mobility in monolayer hexagonal YN"
26/03/2018Dr. Vivek Pachauri as New Group Leader at IWE1
07/03/2018Publication "Scalable fabrication and application of nanoscale IDE-arrays as multi-eletrode platform for label-free biosensing"
06/02/2018Publication "Transistor-Based Impedimentric Monitoring of Single Cells"
29/01/2018Publication "Fron-End-of-Line Integration of Graphene Oxide for Graphene-Based Electrical Platforms"
29/01/2018Dipti Rani Successfully Defends her PhD Thesis