Herstellungsprozesse für siliziumbasierte Mikrosysteme



Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wilfried Mokwa



The lecture „Herstellungsprozesse für siliziumbasierte Mikrosysteme“ (engl.: Fabrication processes for silicon-based microsystems) aims to transmit the basics of processing steps in microsystems technology and micro- and nanoelectronics in general. The emphasis is put on a broad presentation of the most common methods.


In this course you should

  • get to know silicon as a raw material
  • gain basic knowledge in lithography, layer deposition and patterning
  • become familiar with techniques of surface- and bulk micromachining as well as the LIGA fabrication technology as a basis of microsystems technologies
  • explore packaging of microsystems
  • get insight into the setup and operating mode of machines used for those processes
  • deepen your knowledge in additional exercises

Topics of the lecture

  • silicon as a raw material
  • clean-room technology
  • vacuum technology
  • oxidation, ion implantation, rapid thermal processing
  • lithography
  • plasma phenomena
  • patterning
  • layer deposition
  • surface- and bulk micromachining
  • packaging
  • molded interconnect device (MID)




Recommended literature

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Dates SS16

  • Lecture: Fr. 10:15am - 11:45am (seminar room S2 in Walter-Schottky-Haus)
    Start: 10.04.2016
  • Exercise: Fr. 09:15am – 10:00am (seminar room S2 in Walter-Schottky-Haus)
    Start: 17.04.2016
  • Exam: Do. 30.07.16 09:00am - 10:30am (seminar room S1 in Walter-Schottky-Haus)