Fluidic particle transport at interfaces through actuated micro-hairs with switchable nano structure

Picture paticle transport by flaps IWE 1

This research project focuses on the production of micro structured foils with arrays of microscopic flaps.

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Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy of Single Cells

Sketch of the microfluidic, hydrodynamic cell-trap IWE 1

A new design of a microfluidic device combining hydrodynamic trapping and impedance spectroscopy measurements of single cells

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Mechanobiological control of cell functions and cell differentiation (MechCell)

Pneumatic Stretching Chamber IWE 1

The interdisciplinary project MechCell is scheduled to investigate mechanical influences on biological cell cultures and single cells.

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Microbioreactors with microfluidic control

Microbioreactor made of PMMA IWE 1

Development of microbioreactors with integrated microfluidic devices that allow active control of pH and feeding with nutrient solutions.

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Microfluidic Biosensors for in-vitro diagnostic of tumour markers

Sketch of an SAW based biosensor IWE 1

Development of a microfluidic biosensor for the in-vitro diagnosis of tumour markers.

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Spiral microfluidic channel for particle focusing and sorting

Spiral Microfluidic channel IWE 1

Separation of particles in spiral microfluidic channels by hydrodynamic forces.

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