Intelligent Implants


3D multi electrode arrays for stimulation and measurement of neuronal activity in the retina


Development of implantable multi electrode arrays for the simultaneous stimulation of retinal neurons and the measurement of the neuronal activity in the retina.

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Development of Very Large Array Structures for Retina Stimulation (VLARS)

Picture Epiret IWE 1

Within the VLARS-project the goal is to develop a MEA, which allows the stimulation of very large areas of the retina to restore the peripheral field of vision.

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Implantable telemetric system for portal venous pressure measurements in gastroenterology (DRUGAS)

Picture DRUGAS IWE 1

Development of an implantable, telemetric pressure measuring system for venous applications. By miniaturisation the influence on the measurement environment is minimized and the risk of thrombosis at small flow blood velocities is decreased.

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Force and torque sensors for orthopedic applications

Sensor IWE 1

Development of sterilizible and miniaturized strain-gauge based force and torque sensors.

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Fully implantable blood pressure sensor for hypertonic patients


Implantable pressure sensor with wireless data and energy transfer for the long term monitoring of blood pressure.

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Integrated high-resolution nano-modified multielectrode arrays (InMEAs)

Multi-Electrode Array IWE 1

Integration of a microelectronic chip for stimulation into a flexible carrier in close proximity to a group of stimulation electrodes to build up an "intelligent electrode".

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Monitoring intravascular pressure with a pulmonary artery pressure sensor system

Intravascular Blood Pressure Sensor IWE 1

Development of an implantable system for telemonitoring the intravascular pressure in the pulmonary artery.

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Thin and flexible CMOS Image Sensors (FlexBild)

Thin and flexible CMOS Image Sensor IWE 1

Development of a CMOS image sensor that can be mounted on curved surfaces.

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Thinned CMOS Pressure Sensors for Applications in Tactile Sensing (FlexTak)

Silicon Wafer with Thinned CMOS Pressure Sensors IWE 1

Development of a bendable multimodal tactile sensor array.

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Wireless retina implant system (EPI-RET)

Epiret Implant IWE 1

Development of a completely implantable retinal prosthesis for blind patients suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa.

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Non-invasive glucose measurement by enzymatic reaction in tear fluid

Proper dimensions of the sensor system

An enzymatic reaction is used to amperometri-cally measure the glucose concentration in tear fluid with a miniaturized electrochemical cell.

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Pulse-clamp technique for characterisation of single-cell stimulation electrodes

Planar Iridiumoxide microelectrodes of different sizes IWE 1

Test method to evaluate charge injection capability for neural stimulation applications.

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